Sunday, January 18, 2009

2 more sleeps to go

Until we see the OB. I managed to think up a few questions, K is being completely unhelpful though, and apparently has nothing he wants to know. He obviously thinks that asking when his wife will stop being a hormonal unpredictable time bomb is not a good idea while I'm in the room.
Smart man, that one.

Q1: When should I stop work?
2: How much work is ok? What restrictions should I have? (obviously x-rays, hormone or chemo drugs are a no-no!)
3: Is it ok to get a dental scale done or not?
4: What do we do about the NT scan? Should we worry?
5: How often is it ok to ultrasound myself at work (huge anxiety reliever to see bubs jiggling away)
5: If PCOS was part of my problems, does this increase the risk for gestational diabetes? (with that whole insulin resistance thing...)
6: Is it ok to keep taking zantac for the reflux, and should I take it prophylactically or only after sypmtoms start?

And listening intently to all the other info I'm sure we'll be bombarded with!

Sleeping better this week thank heavens, last night was the exception, go figure.


Panamahat said...

Hope all your questions were answered. Look forward to an update!

Polly Gamwich said...

Just looking for an update.

I think your list of questions are great BTW.

And sheesh - how fun would it be to be able to do scans while at work ... I'd be doin' those every day!!! Good thing I'm not in health care - yikes.

Panamahat said...

Dude, can we get an update before February is over??? Please??? I'll pay anything....