Tuesday, May 20, 2008

FET take 2

Right, I do suck at this blogging thing. I'm getting there slowly, maybe I should set a target of one a week or something.

Just had a week off work, so you'd think there would be no excuses.....but I've been painting! We finally got our act together and started painting the inside of the house. Its a slow process. You can't make these decisions too quickly.

I love the colour in the dining room (cream) but the lounge room is waiting for me to get used to it. We might have to paint one wall lighter, I think its a bit much all together.

Lita is doing great - we got the pathology back and it wasn't cancer (HUGE relief). She's now back to normal, and it was probably some kind of infection with a weirdo immune response, and we just cross our fingers it doesn't start up again.

FET was a bust last month, neither embryo survived thaw. So I'm off to Brisbane on monday to have a scan for this cycle, try again with the Brisbane embryo's. We have a romantic weekend planned in Brisbane, so if the embies don't thaw, at least it won't be a total waste. Which reminds me, I should book the dogs into the kennels.
I don't hold high hopes for these embies, but what the heck, its worth a go! And we'll do a fresh in November, maybe with PGD if none of these survive thaw, and try and get out to a blastocyst transfer I think.