Monday, March 23, 2009

21 weeks already

Eeek - almost 2 months between posts. I have been slack.


No real excuse apart from apathy, but I guess I could always play the "baby brain" card here.
I've been so slack keeping up with messages from friends, email, and even doing the work for our 10 year vet reunion, that its just ridiculous. Granted, I have been obsessing over baby stuff, gloriously consumed by it, but thats not a real reason to ignore the rest of my life, just another excuse.

Well I have this week off, so I'll hopefully get my act together, get organised and manage to catch up. K is nagging me about finishing the baby quilts (for a friend) I started AAAAAAAAges ago, before starting anything else. What a killjoy. ; )

All is progressing well on the baby front, there is a real belly happening, which feels just wonderful I must say! We've been feeling Squidgy move for the last few weeks now, since 15 weeks. 19w scan went quite well, all the measurements were good, heart and kidneys looked good, but we do have a single umbilical artery instead of the normal 2 arteries. Can be nothing to worry about, can be associated with trisomy 13 or 18, cardiac problems, renal or urologic problems.....or a completely normal baby. Nothing major showing up on our scans, so we continue as though nothing has happened. We have another cardiac scan scheduled for 3 weeks, just to double check again, what with the DS risk and now the single artery.
And I'd almost got my endocrine and obstetric appts to line up again, when my thyroid starts playing up and throws a spanner in the works. Turns out its now dropping a bit too low, and unless my T4 reverts back to normal by next week, I'll be on thyroxine for the rest of the pregnancy. Minor detail that one!

Work is going well, apart from my roster being a little all over the place - I never know what clinic I'm working at! I also had discussions with the local uni, and they're interested in having me on staff at the vet clinic when I'm ready to come back from maternity leave next year. I'm really excited about that. Its nothing definite of course, but would make a nice change of pace. And I'd get to be involved in teaching students.

We also took a major step a few weeks ago when a local baby store was closing down - we bought a change table and a baby monitor. Both were ridiculously marked down, and massive bargains, so we were pretty happy with the purchases. Now to keep working on my darling husband about cloth nappies.