Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Just a quick one, mostly so I can wish everyone a Merry Christmas before the day!!

I hope you all have a wonderful day, and that the new year ahead is filled with joy and peace.

I suppose some of you are also wanting a pregnancy update. Are you proud of me? I used the "p" word! We're 8 weeks today, and I checked on the little prawn yesterday at work with our ultrasound....still ticking away there, the heartbeat was nice and strong. Our first ultrasound was a whole 10 days ago now, and everything was right on track.

Right now I'm still recovering from one of those charming summer colds, and long days at work. Thank heavens its just "normal" hours and no really awful days. I need to talk to my boss about spreading my hours out and working fewer hours each day, just more days each week. 10 hours is my limit, so if it happens to be a bad day, I'm not going to cope well.

I digress.

I'll be thinking of you all over the holidays, please stay safe, drive safe if you must drive, and enjoy as much festive spirit as you're able!

May 2009 be a blessed one!

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Polly Gamwich said...

What wonderful news that you've had two (ok, 1 that wasn't "official") great ultrasounds ... that's so encouraging.

I hope you really get to enjoy Christmas - I know for me, it's been a long time ... I hope you get to take advantage of celebrating for those of us who can't.

Many, many congratulations! I'm so happy to see a win for the infertiles!!